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Mobile users statistics


      As you already know, mobile is growing quite fast. There’s no way to stop this advance in a world where users everyday have more and more things to do, but don’t always have access to a desktop computer. Mobility is crucial nowadays. Smartphones are slowly replacing PCs, cameras, paper calendars, calculators, newspapers and lots of other things.

      According to Super Monitoring, monitoring service for webmasters and website owners, 91% of all people worldwide have a cell phone, from which 56% have a smartphone. Moreover, 50% of mobile users use their cellphones as their main Internet source, especially in developing countries where few can afford a desktop computer.

      In May 2011 only 35% of the mobile users owned a smartphone, whereas in May 2013 the number grew reaching 56% of mobile users with a smartphone. This number is in constant increase. It’s expected that this year there will be 2 billion global shipments of mobile devices.

      smartphone ownership

      At the beginning of the smartphone era iPhone was the king, but since the emergence of Android devices Apple lost its ‘iron throne’. Thanks to Android smartphones’ relatively low prices more and more users can afford to buy a smartphone and enjoy its functions. There are more and more Android users with every day that passes.

      Windows Phone is also gaining mobile users and it’s expected that it will exceed iOS mobile users in 2014. Among the best selling smartphones in 2013 are the Nokia, Samsung and HTC models. Among the top mobile operating systems are: Android, iOS, Series 40 and Symbian.

      If we talk about the time spent on mobile, 80% of the time spent on smartphones is using applications, from which 32% of the time is spent on games, 18% on Facebook, 8% on entertainment, 8% on utility, 6% on social media, 2% on reading news, 2% productivity. Only 18% is spent browsing the internet.

      Mobile usage and activities

      There are more than 1.2 billion people accessing internet on their mobile devices. This is why mobile website optimization is growing 8 times faster than it did 1990s and 2000s. Mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all internet traffic.

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