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Mobile video advertising campaigns

      According to a study conducted by Google e Ipson, in which teenagers and adults’ consumption habits were analyzed, the future of advertising is based on the mobile online videos. 81% of them have a smartphone and it is the most used device for visualizing videos; and 40% of the total of minutes of content viewing on Youtube is by using a mobile.
      Thus, smartphones are at the top of tools for visualizing videos, even exceeding others like computers (56% of people watch videos on it), tablets (19 %) and television (81%), which means 17 percentage points less than the one of smartphones.

      Moreover, this study also shown that consumers pay different attention to the videos depending on the device used: only 28% of people pay attention to adverts on TV; however, 53% of them don’t interrupt the reproduction of a video on their mobiles.

      On the other hand, according to a study conducted by Ooyala, the consumption of mobile videos increased up to 400%, but users prefer watching short videos, generally the ones with a duration of less than 6 minutes.

      So what are you waiting for to advertise your company with a mobile video? Do you know how to do it? Read these tips to help you to create a successful video to boost your brand to a wider audience.

      5 tips to create your mobile video campaign

      1. Clear messages: When the user receives too many messages in one creativity, it can distract from the main message. In fact, the advertising formats have sometimes a visualization time between 3 and 5 seconds; and when this time is up, the video is closed if users don’t tap on them. That’s why it is important to draw users’ attention that a message which is unique and straight to the point.

      2. Readability: In some occasions, due to the size of the screen and the extension of texts, creativities are prone to use a typography which is excessively small and can’t be easily readable by the user, so the message is lost. In an advertisement, content and format are equally important to make it successful. If we have to include a very extent text, it is a good idea to add an additional page with all that information.


      3. Files with reduced size: New smartphones have Internet connection which is more limited than in desktop computers. Therefore we have to take into account this restriction when developing the file, and we have have to reduce the sizes of our images and videos to optimize the user’s experience. This way, the loading speed will be faster.

      4. Positive advertising: Creating non-intrusive publicity, which allows the user to close it easily if they are not interested in them, is a good way to make our advertisements accepted by users. Using formats, that don’t cut across the natural navigation on an app or on the mobile website, will help help you to boost the positive acceptation of publicity.

      5. Optimal landing page: The accuracy of aesthetic, functionality and efficacy have no sense if our landing page to which the user is redirected is not optimized for the mobile device. Consumers will have a very negative impression about the brand if the website is developed with Adobe Flash or doesn’t have a design adapted to the mobile which lets its correct visualization.


      How to measure the conversion?

      One of the main problems of marketers when making advertisings for mobile devices is that measure tools are ambiguous and subjective, so the real value of advertising campaign can’t be checked. Now there are two useful tools that will help you in your task:

      Google AdWords: This program lets you to offer sponsored advertising for potential advertisers, who pay Google for each click made by a user on its publicity. AdWords also takes into account the quality of the land page in which the advertisement is and lets using “Google Analytics” to generate performance reports, among other possibilities.

      Source: Google – Full Value Mobile

      The full value of mobile Calculator: This tool allows you to measure whether a mobile ad campaign is important for a marketer’s bottom line, taking. It also measures what the initial purpose of the camping was and connects it with an advertiser’s AdWords account.

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