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Mobile website builder by Google

mobile website builder by google

      Creating a mobile website using Google is possible thanks to its mobile website builder. Currently, there are many mobile website creators on the market that have both a free version and a paid one. Google offers this service aimed at consumers and businesses who want to create their own mobile website in an easy and fast way. No programming knowledge is required, so non-coders can also create their mobile website with this tool. Furthermore, this tool is completely free and it’s available on Google’s website.

      Google’s mobile website builder has a wide variety of templates classified according to professions and activities, so any kind of company can also expand their online presence through mobile devices.

      After testing the first template suggested by the builder and selecting a color, you can customize your mobile website. Firstly, you have to choose the template that better fits your business. You can choose between a variety of templates or start from scratch to design your own website.

      select template web builder by google

      You can also choose the theme that best suits the content you want to include into your mobile website and change other options, such as adding categories to your website and a description of each one.

      select theme web builder by google

      After that you have to choose a name for your website (it will be inserted into the final URL). You can edit web content easily through a standard text editor. You do not need HTML skills.

      editor web builder by google

      In addition, you can add pages to your website designed in an intuitive way through the appropriate editor.

      add new page buidler by google

      You can add various Google features, like click-to-call buttons or e-mail address to make it easier for users to navigate and provide information in a clear and easily accessible way.

      clic to call by google

      clic to call by google

      Google Checkout integration allows you to develop online stores and e-commerce functions, so companies can develop mobile marketing strategies and online shops on their mobile websites.

      Google has also launched the GoMo initiative, which focuses on adapting existing websites to mobile. This website includes facts and figures about mobile usage, tips on mobile website development and an online test that lets you know how well optimized is your mobile website.


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