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NEC brings cloud solutions providers closer to Telecom Operators

      NEC is a Japanese company founded in 1899, one of the largest companies offering cloud services, and specialized in technology and communications. During last century it has expanded its business around the world, and now it has subsidiaries in many countries and regions: including Spain, USA, Norway, United Kingdom, Riyadh, Dubai etc.

      NEC is one of the main online services distributors. One of the most important is the Cloud Solution, offered for Carriers and Enterprises.  Nowadays the economic environment changes fast, and that is why enterprise systems must be cost-saving, speedy and flexible.

      The Japanese company has conceived a “Cloud-oriented Service Platform Solutions” by adding cloud-computing features to the achievements that have been developed via its SI and outsourcing businesses. With this new platform NEC is able to offer services for supporting the changes that are taking place on enterprise management systems.


      With its program Cloud Solutions for Carriers, NEC is the leader in the market providing services to telecommunication companies. NEC’s Cloud Service Platform, provides the facilities required by SaaS applications so they can operate and catch on inside the cloud.

      The most important function is the marketplace. It allows clients to buy service licenses, give feedback on services, get expert help from the community and move data between applications.

      Small and Medium Businesses are looking for a way to access to these kind of services through trusted providers and it seems that Telecommunication Operators and Service Providers are best positioned to take advantage of their network assets and customer relationships to provide trusted service to these users.

      The NEC Cloud Marketplace is characterized for having feature-rich and proven SaaS management and aggregation platform that simplifies cloud services delivery and incorporates the feature set necessary to ensure that Operators SaaS business succeeds.

      Zeendo, the cloud-based responsive websites creation tool, has an ongoing collaboration with NEC, which enables it to be one of the services offered to SMEs by telecom companies as part of their cloud services brokerage platform.

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