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New Twitter official app version for Android mobile devices


      The official app for Twitter on Android devices began like one of the most basic, for an amateur management was enough, but not for a professional one.

      New Twitter version 2.1.0

      On July 2011 was updated with the 2.1.0 version, between the improvements emphasize the new functionality of notifications “push” on real time and a simple change between the multiple Twitter user accounts.

      Notifications are not new on this app, but is a newness to made them automatic and not determinated for a stablished refreshing time, mentions, messages and the rest of notices that will arrive you instantly.


      Twitter Android app features

      • Follow your interests.
      • Instant updates from every user or update your own profile.
      • Short bursts of timely information on the official Twitter app.
      • Real-time search.
      • Trending topics.
      • Browse interests.
      • Find & follow friends.
      • Tweet, Retweet.
      • Favorites.
      • Exchange Direct messages with your followers.
      • Share photos, videos, links.

      Download it at the Android Market, click here!

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