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Google Analytics Security

It is paradoxical to compare the rise of social networks and the loss of privacy suffered by using them, with the growing concern for the safety and privacy while browsing web pages. Antivirus software companies that offer to protect your devices for websites that require a secure transfer of data are very common in developers […]
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Google Analytics Intelligence alerts

dashboard intelligence google analytics
Do you need any help with Google Analytics? Do you have enough time to check all your reports? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Meet your assistant in Google Analytics. Many people don’t know about it and other people often use this Google Analytics option in order to receive alerts about possible traffic anomalies on […]
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Google Analytics events goals

capture events
We’ve already explained how to define goals and funnels in order to track e-commerce strategies or analyze how to improve contents on your website. Google Analytics also offers another option – defining goals about events. Brief Introduction to Event Tracking You can use event tracking in Google Analytics to track visitors’ actions that do not […]
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QR code in Google Analytics

qr code reader
A recent study about mobile QR code scanning determined that 14 million mobile users in the U.S.., have scanned a QR code on their mobile devices at least once in their lives. This figure accounts for 6.2% of the total mobile users. This is an important information for companies to improve their marketing skills. QR […]
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Google Analytics books

If you are beginning to use the Google’s tool for web analytics, Google Analytics, or your want to improve the management of your analysis at a more advanced level by using this tool, you might want to read some of these books, because they will help you achieve your goal. It does not matter if […]
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HTML5 to create mobile websites

html5 mobile website
HTML5 standards have not yet been agreed on and established in its totality, but what is certain is that they will revolutionize website development for both traditional devices and similar mobile devices. Some sectors of the industry are currently starting to adopt these standards.
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