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PageLever to measure your Facebook page


      Page Lever supposes a new organization form, means a tool which gives a higher depth in data measurements while Facebook Insights remains like a poorer platform with not too many metric options.

      Page Lever enhance overall because of its wide statistic base, as one of the two founders said, they´ve worked on it as a Facebook app to offer more complete stats about fan pages.

      How does Page Lever operate?

      With Page Lever we´ve got enough information to analize, inmediately, a general view presents a growth of data, visibility and compromise that the fan page has been registered on a determinated period. Under this tables, a graphic shows the actual demography of its number of fans:


      The three squares are divided at the front side of the general menu, that allows to go to this information given in depth. Let´s make a quick review:


      Allows to watch to the “human growth” of your fan page, how many new users of your brand have you got.
      Three analitic areas:

      • Fan growth: shows in numbers, the enters and exists of fans from your page. Also points to examine the growth tables.
      • Growth sources: shows graphically how these persons go and come from/to your fan page.
      • Fan demography: traditional tools og statistic analitics, shows the age, if are males or females and the enthusiasts location.


      Visibility: impressions, page views and reference sources.

      • Impressions: menu to check the number of page impressions and their reach to fans.
      • Page views: only the impressions.
      • Reference sources: allows to know from where are coming our fans and how they found it.


      • Interact with users with contents is very important to know how to work and plan strategies.
      • Active users: pay attention to the number of followers who interact, contents display and clicks on links.
      • Likes and comments: make a comparison between likes and comments stats.
      • Demography: similar to growth, this menu only shows the demographic data of users considered active in the page.

      Page Lever has also a data base focused only in the messages published on the fan page. This is an important area to check in analitic periods.
      The file content has got a space for “post analitics” where we ca find graphics and figures in relation with impressions and engagement.


      Page Lever offers also its own reports, which can be download in pdf for sending to our clients.

      If you like to be updated with the data access, gowth and engagement, you must try Page Lever. Of course, is difficult to motivate anyone to use a “paid system”, but we recomment it specially if you´re a company with several clients.


      Prices: how much costs Page Lever?


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