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Plans & Prices in India with Idea Cellular


      Idea Cellular was borned in 2000 from the merger of Tata Cellular on one side, which provided mobile services in Andhra Pradesh, and Birla-AT&T on the other side, which operated in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The new company, initially known as Birla-Tata-AT&T, was pouplarly known as Idea, and so was rebranded later.

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      Idea currently serves all of the Indian territory, and is the 3rd largest mobile services operator in India (with over 117 million subscribers and a wireless revenue market share of 15% as of Q1 2013) and one of the largest operators in the world (ranked 14 by revenue as of Q2 2012, with $1 billion). Its strong growth comes from a deep penetration in non urban and rural markets (2 in 3 new subscribers come from rural or semi-urban areas of India).

      Idea offers a few different price plans:

      • Plan Idea 899: 4000 Local/STD mobile min, 1000 roaming mobile mins, 450 local and national SMS
      • Retail Super 249: 1000 local mins+250 local and national SMS
      • Add On Plan 149: 149 local mins, unlimited calling within group, 100 local and national SMS
      • Super Saver PSB 199: 200 local mins, 150 STD mins
      • Retailer CUG 149: 149 local mins, unlimited calling within group, 100 local and national SMS
      • PSB 199: 12000 sec local, STD and 200 local and national 1000 local mins, 250 local and national SMS free
      • Retail voice + data combo 249 plan: 1000 local mins, 250 local and national SMS

      However, Idea’s smarthpones offer is quite limited, and they offer only two models on their website:

      Idea IvoryIdea’s Ivory

    • Phone Details: Android v4.0 OS, 3.5” screen with a HVGA display, 3.2MP Camera, 1 GHz Processor, dDual SIM
    • Phone Price: Rs. 7,390.00

    • Idea ZealIdea’s Zeal

    • Phone Details: Android v2.3 OS, 3.5”, 260K colours screen, 3 MP Camera, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, dual SIM
    • Phone Price: Rs. 5,390.00

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