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Responsive images optimization

      On a previous article we explained why it is a good idea to optimize images for the web. We saw how an image of 1,600px of width weighed about 200 KB keeping its high quality, something which is really interesting to ensure a quick and agile webpage load and operation.

      Zeendo’s responsive websitews editor ensures that all websites are loaded quickly on any device. Depending on the amount of space that a given image takes up on a website, and on the device on which it is visualized, Zeendo will automatically transform any images on the website to an optimized size, making images lighter when needed.

      Some users may consider 200 KB too little for images. That’s why Zeendo admits images that weigh up to 4 MB. But, what happens if your images are heavier than that? We propose 2 solutions to optimize your images in a fast and easy way:

      1. JPEGmini: the fastest option for those who only need the weight of their images reduced, without any other changes.
      2. Pixlr Photo Editor: a useful program with which you’ll be able to edit not only the quality or size of your images, but also their colour, light, etc.


      As they announce on their website, with JPEGmini you can reduce up to an 80% of the weight of your images, and none of their quality. The program is so easy to use that needs no explanation, but here is one nonetheless:

      • 1. Access JPEGmini and click on “Upload Photo”image size optimization
      • 2. Upload your image selecting “Press to Upload Photos” or doing drag & drop from your computer. The process of reducing the image will start then. image conversion
      • 3. Once the process finishes, the weight of the image is reduced and we can download it clicking on “Download Full Res”.high resolution images

      As we explaiend before, if we want to change the image format or any other parameter, we’ll have to use another tool, like the one explained below.

      Pixlr Photo Editor

      Pixlr is an intuitive online program with which you’ll be able to improve your images easily. No registration is needed. Among other options, you will be able to optimize your images weight. Here is how to do this with Pixlr:

      • 1. Decide from where you want to open your image and enter the editor. image load optimization
      • 2. Go to Pixlr and click on “Pixlr Editor” optimize images
      • 3. Select “Image” and then “Image size”. change image size
      • 4. Now let’s change the size of your image. For this example we used an image of 4,000 px, which is too much. As we mentioned earlier, 1,600 px is enough.low weight high resolution images
      • 5. We can now save our image with a quality of 80% of the original, which is optimized for a web environment. Press “OK” and you’re done! image optimization for website

      Controlling your graphic elements is now easier and fastest than it ever was. With Zeendo and basic knowledge of these easy-to-use online tools we can obtain great results in our online presence.

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