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Responsive Web Design Advantages

responsive design analytics

      A study carried out by Compuware revealed that 57% of users would never recommend a company with a bad website. Considering that more and more people access the internet using mobile devices each day, one should say that most websites are adapted to mobile. But that’s not the case, as only about 2% are. And smartphones are not the only problem: tablets, phablets, laptops… and who knows what’s in store for the future, all with different screen sizes and resolutions. Internet users access the internet from any device now, and a bad website looks bad on companies.


      Before, when developers wanted to reach all those devices, they needed to create different versions of a website, depending on what device they wanted it to be accessed from. Now, responsive web design is here to solve this problem. Written in a flexible code that enables one single website to be optimally viewed from all kinds of devices, this technology is without a doubt the future of web development. But if you need more specific reasons for trying responsive design, here are some of the advantages that it brings:

      1. Increase reach to all kinds of mobile devices
      Developing one single website that adapts to all kinds of devices will undoubtedly mean that you will reach far more users than with a rigid website, or even with different websites for different devices, even with redirections. Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year, and some sites are already experiencing up to 40% traffic from mobile tablet and mobile devices, which makes responsive web design more important than ever to fit all those different screen sizes.
      different mobile devices

      2. Increase visibility in search engines
      Responsive design allows you to manage one website with a single set of links. This will allow you to focus on link outreach and to develop a solid SEO strategy, unified for all devices. Also, since you won’t need to be worrying about updating more than one website, you will be able to focus on one of the main SEO premises: content is king. Quality contents improve your ranking positioning in engine searches, and your content will benefit from all the extra attention you will be able to pay to it.

      3. Increase sales and conversion rates
      Improved content, often updated, is one of the main pillars to build a successful website. If your website also provides a consistent user experience without need for redirections or CSS, this will surely have a positive impact on your users, which will transform in a boost in your conversion rates.

      4. Save time and money on mobile development and site management
      Updating one single website is much less time-consuming than worrying about many device-focused websites. Content can be more easily updated, and easily optimized using site templates or layout and workflow tools to manage it. Also, as you will not need to develop for more than one platform, you will also save the money of doing this.
      save time and money

      5. Consolidate your analytics and reporting
      One single website means that you will no longer need to worry about tiresome tracking user journeys, conversion paths, funnels and redirections. Also, Google Analytics are now optimized for responsive reporting, and Google itself suggests, and analytics have confirmed, that sites developed using responsive web design perform better in localized search results.
      responsive design analytics

      6. Offline navigation experience improvement
      Responsive design allows to offer high-quality content to users via different kinds of devices and the HTML5 offline navigation capacities allow the site to be easily consulted “on the go”. More and more, the number of mobiles and tablets that allow HTML5 is increasing, since content or newsletters in hybrid HTML5 web applications without Internet connection are consumed.

      7. Duplicate content avoidance
      Responsive design allows to avoid the doubled content, which is completely rejected by Google. Normally, designers that create mobile version of their websites duplicate the content of the desktop website, so it is more difficult to Rank the mobile version. By using “Switchboard tags” (tags informing to Google that it is the same site, but one of them is the canonical version and the other is the mobile optimization), doubled content can be cancelled. However, other search engines like Bing or Yahoo have not implemented this technique yet, so the reputation of your website can be ruined.

      avoid duplicate content

      8. Follow Google conventions
      Google continues to be the main search engine, so it is really important to follow its conventions if we want our website to success. Thus, Google recommends webmasters to use the responsive web design in their creations, use the same HTML for every device and CSS media queries to show the content differently in every device.
      It is also really important to follow Google’s algorythms conventions to improve user’s experience and to be positioned amongst the first on this search engine.

      follow google conventions

      So if, after reading these, you still don’t think that responsive web design is what you need to develop your website, you may be regretting it in the future, when you have to worry for all those different devices your website isn’t adapted to.

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