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Responsive Web Design and Mobile Devices

responsive web design

      With the rise of mobile browsing as the main Internet access method comes the need for designers to adapt websites to mobile devices. Responsive design is becoming a popular way to approach this problem.

      responsive web design

      We can no longer assume that a website will be viewed on a desktop computer. One answer to this problem is responsible web-design, which consists in the creation of websites that adapt their content to different screen sizes and resolutions. The most common way to achieve that is through the use of fluid grids, flexible images and media queries.

      One of the main advantages of responsive design is that you only have to maintain one site and you operate from one single domain on every device, avoiding redirections and preventing content duplicates, and simplifing the sharing of your website, without the risk of people linking to different urls.

      Responsive designs are often based in the four most popular screen resolutions:

    • Smartphone: 320px
    • Tablet: 768px
    • Netbook: 1024px
    • Desktop: 1600px
    • The problems with responsive design

      Using only the most popular screen sizes as a reference, this technique is likely to become outdated as devices evolve. A new approach to responsive design is trying to change that by designing from the content and not from the context, but it is not standardized yet.

      The use of media queries forces the download of all the content, even if you can’t see it on your screen, so it slows down the loading of the responsive-designed websites compared to their device-designed counterparts.

      While having a website that adapts to all kinds of devices would be the ideal choice, if you already have a website, the process of adapting it to resposive design will be long and expensive. For the moment, using a mobile website template is a more convenient, easy and fast way to adapt traditional websites to mobile devices.

      mobile website templates

      Onbile offers mobile websites that are adapted for all mobile devices and can be viewed through any screen resolution. Whatever your mobile brand, or even tablets, Onbile’s websites can be easily accessed from any handheld device and viewed with an optimum resolution.

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