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Responsive web design tool for freelancers

      There is no arguing that responsive web design is the solution to today’s multiscreen reality. More devices, more screen resolutions, more operating systems… responsive design makes it easier for today users to surf the net — and it also makes it easier for developers to do their job too.

      There are many options if we want a responsive website. We can choose to develop one ourselves. There are many tools that can help us create our responsive website easily, so it shouldn’t be too hard for someone with the appropriate knowledge and skills to create a nice responsive site. This option would be the most inexpensive solution, and it will allow us to overview every step of the process, ensuring a high level of personalization. But, as we mentioned before, we must have the know-how.

      Another option would be to hire a web development agency and to ask them to develop it for us. In this case, the cost of the website would be considerably higher than if we develop it ourselves, and also the level of personalization will be reduced, as we’ll no longer have total control over the production process.

      And, of course, there are website builders, like Zeendo, that provide all the tools for users to develop their responsive websites themselves. Based on customizable templates, these editors allow for anyone without programming knowledge to create their website in a few easy steps and at a very low cost. The downside, if any, is that even though no technical skills are required, users still have to ‘get their hands dirty’ and create their website, so it’s not really as comfortable for them as if someone does it for them.

      And here’s where a fourth option comes into play: freelance services platforms, like Nubelo.

      Nubelo freelance services platform

      Nubelo is an online platform that connects freelancers with people in need of their services. Professional services offered in Nubelo range from programmers, designers and editors to marketing experts, virtual assistants and architects.


      Users accessing Nubelo can post a project that they want to be done, and the platform will help them get in touch with a qualified professional that will offer their services, making a bid for the project. The next step is to select the best professional for the job, either from the bids obtained, or through the search tools offered by the platform.

      Nubelo offers several tools that can help users choose the best professional for their projects. These tools are:

      • A ranking system that lists professionals based on the ratings obtained by companies that have hired them in the past.
      • Full and detailed profiles, including work experience, academic background and skills.
      • Customizable test results provided by Selectionable, a company specialized in tests for professionals.

      Nubelo also offers telework tools that will help you follow the development of your project. This way you’ll be able to manage your projects, and you’ll have the option to communicate and collaborate with the professionals undertaking them.

      Also, using Nubelo is completely free. You don’t have to pay any subscription, you just pay the professionals for their work. You just need to register in the platform and post your project.

      So do not hesitate any longer: here’s the perfect tool for all of you who need a responsive website (and, trust me, you do!), and to get it done custom-made for you at a very competitive price. Check Nubelo today and get in the responsive era!

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