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Samsung App Store

samsung app store

    Nowadays, with smartphones absolutely everywhere, app stores have become the new fashion. iPhone, Blackberry and even Nokia all have app stores, so Samsung has decided to start its own store too.

    It is supposed to be launched on September the 14th, and its apps are expected to be quite good because the company has Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Capcom and TAITO working creating apps for it. The name of this store is Samsung App Store.

    samsung app store
    At first, the Samsung App Store will only be available for France, Italy and the UK, and it is not clear yet when it will be launched in America, Asia and the rest of Europe.

    One of the disadvantages we might find in this app store is that its apps are not compatible for every phone, not even for every Samsung phone, for at first it is supposed to be only for Omnia or i8910 HD phones although it is intented for the apps to also function on the Omnia II and the Omnia LITE.

    The app store only has 300 apps available but Samsung plans to have 2,000 of them by the end of the year.

    Some of the most popular apps available on Samsung are Guitar Hero World Tour, Puzzle, Handy Weather and Evernote. We will also be able to find games, social networks, e-books and health.

    Some people’s opinion is that this store has been launched without being quite ready yet. Most of the points we consider need more developing like the countries it gets to or the languages you can find it in.

    Could it be that Samsung has launched its app store too soon so as to not lose the app store race?

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