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Samsung Galaxy S4 barcode reader: Mobeam

      You are probably already aware that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 was presented in New York on March the 14th. But you might not know that among its new fantastic features we can find LBC (light-based communications) technology that allows to beam 1-D barcodes. This embedded mobeam technology allows you to do mobile commerce around the world with your Galaxy 4 without retailers being required to make changes in the systems or technologies at their POS.

      Thanks to Mobeam the main problem that limited mobile commerce progress, (which was that POS systems weren’t able to communicate with smartphones) is solved. Why? Well, Mobeam’s patented technology converts coupons, barcodes, gift and loyalty cards into a beam of light and this beam of light can be read by each one of the over 165,000,000 laser scanners being used by retailers around the world.


      What Mobeam’s technology does is to allow the Galaxy S4 to beam traditional 1-D barcode data to laser scanners without them needing to have optical scanners, backend systems or any kind of new equipment. Retailers’ preference of barcodes was explained by Samsung in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

      So that mobile commerce will work with the point of sale technology that exists at the moment, Mobeam has a simple vision. Although you might think that making the latest mobile devices work with barcodes isn’t very attractive, they have the advantage of allowing consumers to beam all kinds of items (from coupons and loyalty or gift cards to event tickets at millions of locations). As barcodes are universal and will still be around for some time, retailers do not have to change their POS systems, so right now there is a new commerce technology that works practically everywhere and the first one will be seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

      Mobeam technology also overcomes the problem of in-store laser scanners not being able to scan barcodes on mobile screens, so this means that the 500,000,0000 people who are expected to receive coupons this year (30% more than last year) will benefit from it.

      So on the whole, as Mobeam can potentially change how we shop and pay for items it is a way to make life more simple for consumers.

      Watch this video to see how it works:

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