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Smartphone users by country

      The rapid growth of the smartphone market is less of a sure thing. The number of consumers who use smartphones across the world is expected to grow up to 1.76 billion people, according to eMarketer. This means up more than 25% over 2013, year when around 1.4 billion people used smartphones daily. This firm also confirms that by 2018, this number will rise to 2.76 billion people, 36.5% of the world’s population. But, what are the top countries with most smartphones uses in the world?


      The United Arab Emirates currently host the title of world leader in using smartphones, nearly 74% of its population. Specifically, among all the people aged 16-34 81%  own smartphones, and penetration is also rising among other age groups as well.

      Asia-Pacific countries also lead the list with a total of 951 million users: South Korea currently holds the head the list in this part of the globe, with two-thirds of of its population (using smartphones). Australia remains sixth on this list, since it was the only nation where more than a half of its population used smartphones in 2013. Even though China is one of the most technological countries in the world, it is not on the top of the list; the number of smartphones users hardly ever exceeds half the population, with 521.7 million people this year. But it is expected to head the list by 2018. And regarding Japan, more than a half of the population are using these devices this year.


      United States

      With respect to the US, the second-largest smartphone market in the world behind China, smartphone penetration will cross the 50% mark this year; Canada will overcome it the next one.
      In cities and states across the United States, Dallas was in the first position eith 76% in November 2013, followed  by Whasington DC and Los Angeles with 75%. Atlanta was at the bottom of the list with 68%.


      As for Europe, Norway is ranked fifth in this worlwide list, with 67.5%  It is followed by Sweden and The United Kingdow, with 62.9% and 62.2, respectively.  Denmark stands in tenth position (59.0%) and Irleand in eleventh position (57.0%). Spain is at the bottom of the list, with 55.4% of the population using smartphones.

      Estimation of Smartphone Penetration

      Source: Gartner historical, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

      The Jefferies & Company, Inc. has made  hypotheses of the smartphone penetration from now until 2020. According to their comments, Northen American will be once again the continent with the highest penetration,  closely followed by Middle East & Africa and Japan. Asia- Paicific will be in third place and Eastern Europe will rank fourth. Finally, Western Europe will be at the bottom of the list.
      The average global mobile penetration will suffer a slight increase, exceeding 60% by 2020, but it will never reach the figures in United States or Japan.

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