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Social media monitoring tools for retailers

      During these past years a change of direction has occurred in consumer habits, thanks to mobile devices. People have got used to access the Net with their smartphones and that is something companies have to consider in their sales strategies.

      What does this mean?

      First of all, it’s becoming compulsory to have a mobile adapted website, people don’t like to use the zoom to look into your website, if you don’t have a mobile website, at the end they won’t visit your web and will look into the competitors one.

      Secondly, it is also necessary, for businesses to use social media. As technology companies already knew this, they have grown in order to provide marketers with tools and information they may need to use properly these social networks.


      But there is a problem, the more access to data we have, the more difficult it is to decide which information is useful and which is not. That is why social media analytics is becoming so important for companies to manage their social media marketing efforts.

      The first question should be: Do businesses use these analytic tools? And the answer is yes; a research made by Demand Metric has revealed over 60% of US companies use these tools.  Social Media analytics have had a fast penetration in the market, especially during 2012 and 2013; the rate has grown in five years from 1% to 23%. This means that there is a need in the market, and technology companies should take this chance to develop new tools.

      The research shows that, depending on the size of the company, analytic tools are more used or not. On medium enterprises has its big popularity with over 70% of businesses using analytics, while small companies and large corporations use them less, around 60% and 57% each.

      If you are planning to use them maybe you will be wondering how are other companies social media analytic tools?

      Demand Metric has analysed it in their study, and here are the results:

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      Image: eMarketer

      There are still challenges when it comes to measuring social marketing’s effect, and that is why technology companies that own these tools should listen to the marketers:

      The first con, said marketing specialists is staffing, funding or resources, at 55%.

      And close to this, the fact of linking measurements to objectives was also a problem for marketers (53%).

      Here there is some information about Social Media monitoring and analytics: the evolution, future trends, and some tools depending on which specific network are you planning to use:

      Depending on the social network you are planning to monitor, you may choose one or another tool, such as Komfo for Facebook or Tweriod for Twitter. But if you have more than one of these networks you should go for a tool that let you analyse all your profiles, so you can plan your whole social media strategy by using just one tool.

    • Simply measured: founded in 2010 nowadays its tool is used by top companies such us Adidas, Pepsi and Samsung. If you use the free account, you will have 14 free reports of the different networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + or an analysis about the traffic linked to your website. If you want a better service, you have other options that check over 50 profiles, but it maybe quite expensive especially if you are a SME.


    • Hootsuite: it is also used by big enterprises like Virgin or even Barack Obama used, but it’s more affordable than simply measure. This tool also has a free version, but you can also choose the pro version for 7 euros per month. Hootsuite allows you to monitor mentions, program your messages and tuits in social networks or analyse social media traffic.


    • Heartbeat: the great thing about this tool, is that identify opinion leaders and influencers, and also that tracks the public opinion and sentiments about your brand and products, and after it compares all the activity with competitors one. This tool is available inside the whole Sysomos platform, which provides social media analytics and monitoring.


    • Engagor: created last year, as the others, it allows you to program messages, manage profiles, monitor your activity. You can receive daily or weekly reports and activate email alerts.


    • It depends on how much do you want to spend or which social networks do you prefer to monitor, to choose one or another. Take your time to read more about all of them and then, select the one you prefer according to your needs.


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