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Social Media Targeted Advertising

Social Media Targeted Advertising

      Online companies and marketers are constantly looking for ways to change visits into actual sales. In order to accomplish this, you have to ensure that you only target relevant users who are actually interested in your company and offerings.

      eMarketer estimates that this year e-commerce sales will grow reaching 18.3% to 1.298 trillion dollars worldwide. There is a number of strategies and tools that will attract web browsers to buy products. You can make use of paid and free tools to increase web traffic and boost income:

      1. Communicate properly. Take time to talk to your target customers. Talk about the related topics and matters in the industry and answer queries and concerns within a reasonable amount of time.
      2. Relevant content. Providing relevant and useful information is one of the key methods in changing browsers into real buyers. The content should show people how they can benefit by using the product or service.
      3. Learn how to adjust. The demands of customers will vary depending on the situation and market conditions. Be supportive to the different needs of customers by being available at different hours and regardless of location.
      4. Be approachable. In social media networks, you have to give the impression that you care about customers. Take on a casual conversational tone to let people know that there is a real human being talking to them.
      5. Assess information. After each campaign calibrate the success of the approaches by using social media tools and analytical applications. These tool swill show how well customers responded to your previous techniques.

      Targeted advertising mobile

      Mobile advertising is about to become a lot more personal. Pasadena technology company UberMedia has launched a mobile advertising platform that tracks publicly available information provided by smartphone users on their social networks and then offers them advertisements based on their interests.

      targeted advertising mobile

      UberAds scours websites such as Twitter, Instagram and Twitter for clues about mobile device users. For instance, the platform can send movie trailers to users who have tweeted frequently from a movie theater, indicating they’re probably cinephiles.

      People who upload lots of photographs of food and tweet about dining out are more likely to receive restaurant-related advertisements.

      Brands including McDonald’s, BMW, Macy’s, H&M, and Pizza Hut have signed on. Many have already seen remarkable growth in click-through rates, affirmed Bill Gross, founder and chief executive of UberMedia.

      Targeted advertising companies

      Bought juice at the supermarket lately? Expect to see an advertisement soon on your Facebook account for something that fits your juice-buying profile. Facebook rolled out in April a long-anticipated and potentially lucrative way to reveal highly targeted ads to its users. What customers have bought in the past, online and offline, is the best predictor of what they are likely to buy again, according to marketers.

      Facebook has partnered with 4 data companies that track, to varying degrees, online and offline purchase behavior: Epsilon, Datalogix, Acxiom and Blue Kai.

      targeted advertising companies

      Optimal, a San Francisco-based company that helps brands target their ads on Facebook, affirmed that the new product would allow companies to more precisely aim messages at the right customers at the right time.

      As you can see, companies are doing their best for advertisements to be as customized as possible. They find new ways of finding what every user looks for, what he/she needs, what are his/her interests in order to be able to offer exactly what every user wants.

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