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Social media trends for 2015

      Not so long ago we published an article gathering the most seen trends on social media marketing. But living in the past is not going to help us to achieve success. Furthermore we need to analyse the market and the social platforms and look for the upcoming tendencies.

      To help you preparing your social media strategy for 2015, we have listed some of the trends we will see on the sector next year. Of course there are many more but if you start working on this list for sure you will have part of your work done, and as you probably now, being update and innovative on social channels is a key factor for success. So why don’t try it?

      Mobile first: every day this statement is becoming more undeniable. People all around the world is consuming more content using their mobile devices instead their laptops or desktops, so in 2015 is a must to adapt your contents for mobile. It includes your website that should be mobile optimized no matter if you go for responsive or for a mobile version of your desktop site, advertisement especially you’re banners and displays sizes and communication channels implementing for example your social media accounts for support.

      mobile and social media

      Microvideo platforms proliferation: Video consuming grows exponentially every year, according to emarsys, every 60 seconds 5 million videos are watched on Youtube, but now there are serious competitors to for the Video King, like Vine, a recent stat published by 7th Chamber said that a Vine video is 4 times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video and also that 5 tweets per seconds contain Vine videos. With these dates why not to include one microvideo platform on your social media strategy for 2015? It will also drive more traffic to other platforms like Twitter.

      Vine statistics

      Prepare yourself to pay: Two of the major social media platforms have noticed a significant growth on their ads demand; we are talking about Facebook and Twitter. Possibly you have seen that your post reach on the first platform has dramatically decrease and these is a huge inconvenient for marketing purposes. Thanks to the post limitation, the investment on promoted post will grow. Something similar happens on Twitter, as they have developed new ways of promote business that SME with shorter budgets can afford.

      As we have said above there are for sure much more trends but starting to use at least new video platform, think about the budget to invest on promoted posts and tweets and redesign your page to increase its usability from mobile is work enough for at least a couple of months.

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