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Social media trends in 2014

      This year 2014 is about to finish and it is time to take a look to these previous 12 months to make a resume of the most popular social media trends so we can start preparing our strategy for next year.

      Searching on the Net we have found such a large number of trends, tendencies and predictions that experts have considered would be popular this year; but we have listed 10 of them we think will continue its increase on 2015.

      Investment is a must:  if you suppose not many businesses were on social media you were wrong. On 2013 86% of marketers answer Yes, social media was an important part of their company’s online strategy, but this year the rate has increase up to 93%. This means that investing on social media is not a luxury anymore but a necessity if you don’t want to remain behind your competitors.

      Google +:  Social Media Examiner analized “Social Media Marketing Industry Report” and highlights a curious rate. 65% of marketers want to know more about the social media platform owned by the famous browser.  Some doubts about its importance were around Google + since they announce social signals are not part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Just in case they change their mind we recommend you to start manage this platforms.

      Google + for business

      Images-centric network: we can include on this list Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. Even if their features are limited this kind of platforms are great to show images that may include your products or your employees to show your company is not form by robots. Some famous companies already use them like McDonals that used Snapchat to share with their fans special images of Lebron James while filming its commercial. Having an account on one of these platforms will help you to generate a loyal user base.

      80-20 rule to share content: social media it’s supposed to be a bidirectional channel, so companies can’t just publish their own products and publicity. 80-20 rule has demonstrated in the past that is the best option when we talk about content. 80% of your posts, tweets or images should be about general information that makes people’s life nicer or at least specific topics which interest your target audience but not mentioning your products.


      Microvideo: Two of the major social platforms have launched during this year the possibility to publish short videos and share it with your friends and fans. Instagram is now full of 15 seconds videos where people usually show part of their daily life’s or funny moments. Vine has been created by Twitter during 2013  and let you create 6 seconds videos and share them on Facebook, Twitter or even in Vine.

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