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Mobile advertising in Russia

Advertisement on Russian social networks is becoming one of the most powerful tools for marketers. Do you want to know how this market will be developing in the following years? Read this article to discover it!
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Mobile viral marketing campaign

Mobile viral marketing is one of the best ways to advertise whatever product you have and generate interest around your business. The interesting thing about it that it brings you and your customers closer, that way creating trust and fondness.
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Reach more impacts for your Ads using a mobile website

Banners on mobile devices Banners, the classic format for online advertising comes back to the user focused on the new trend of the mobile website and becomes leader on campaigns designed for mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices mean the new most effective way to capture the attention of your audience and the chosen […]
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HTML5 is the solution for advertising and marketing on mobile devices

Mobile devices are everytime more popular and because of this, marketing companies increase their efforts on optimizing their advertising actions and ads through this kind of devices. However until the moment, the different systems and current formats have represented some barriers and limmits of compatibility. Something that without any doubt will help to boost the […]
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