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Advertising campaigns for mobile

Mobile advertising in Russia

Advertisement on Russian social networks is becoming one of the most powerful tools for marketers. Do you want to know how this market will be developing in the following years? Read this article to discover it!
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Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is an on-demand medium, with revenue and spend increasing year after year, expanding its reach to the more than 1 billion smartphone users worldwide. But mobile advertising is still lacking some of the features of its older sibling, online advertising, namely the metrics to measure its effectiveness. New products are arising, like Nielsen‘s […]
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Mobile ads formats

We use our mobile approximately 6 hours per day, that's a high number and is growing everyday. As companies know it, mobile marketing is becoming more important in the marketing strategy. But be careful! You have to choose the right type of ad for every sector
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Strategic steps to make your business mobile

Many times companies are lost, don’t know exactly what steps they need to follow to become mobile. Let’s analyze step by step what are the most important things to have in mind if you want to be leader and make the most of the mobile channel. More than the 20% of mobile users access to […]
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Mobile advertising in WhatsApp

WhatsApp may be exploring new ways of conversion by inserting advertising in its messaging service. It seems like it's an experimental project for now, but we'll see if this evolves in the future, opening the door to a new kind of advertising.
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