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Website design for tablets

website design for tablets
If you think of optimizing your website's content for tablets you should take into account several things such as navigation, readability, screen size resolution and many others. Creating a responsive design might also be the answer for this issue.
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Build web apps for mobile

mobile web vs apps
Currently we’re experiencing a boom of mobile applications that allow practically everything and simply is need to have a smartphone. Accesing to any marketplace corrisponding to the operative system of our mobile device, we can download them, most of them for free. Apple Store, Google Play for Android or Blackberry App World offers a great […]
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Android mobile web editor

android web editor
Download the mobile web editor for Android and enjoy all the features offered by this mobile application. You can edit your web files using different programming languages, such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
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SEO domain structure on mobile devices

SEO domains
Search engine optimization that focuses on mobile devices is not so different from traditional SEO, it keeps the principles of importance and popularity. However, robots are different and there are additional considerations to take into account about traceability, usability and indexability. A very important aspect of the SEO strategy for a mobile website is the […]
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Parallax Scrolling definition

scroll efect
There are many users that still lament over the lack of Flash on their mobile devices, but they prefer not to sacrifice loads of time on the websites they visit. A solution that include visual effects and seems to be in line to replace Flash is Parallax Scrolling. The Parallax Scrolling is a visual technique […]
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