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mobile advertising

Mobile advertising in Russia

Advertisement on Russian social networks is becoming one of the most powerful tools for marketers. Do you want to know how this market will be developing in the following years? Read this article to discover it!
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Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is an on-demand medium, with revenue and spend increasing year after year, expanding its reach to the more than 1 billion smartphone users worldwide. But mobile advertising is still lacking some of the features of its older sibling, online advertising, namely the metrics to measure its effectiveness. New products are arising, like Nielsen‘s […]
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Phone Camera Megapixels

phone camera megapixel
When we go shopping for a mobile phone, camera's megapixel is a characteristic we in all probability take into account. There is a wide variety, so everybody can choose the one that suit him/her better - from 1 to 41 megapixels.
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Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality the next best thing in the mobile advertising world. It's fun and it allows a very high level of interaction. It’s the perfect combination. More and more brands are using it in their marketing campaigns.
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