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mobile commerce statistics

Future of Mobile commerce

Which method do you use to purchase the products you want? Do you get them online using your smartphone? If so, find out how this payment method will rule the online sales market.
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Statistics for online shopping

Online shopping can be considered a category of e-commerce as it predominantly refers to business-to-consumer transactions such as online retail or online auctions. Buying online has become very popular and showroom online is another practice that's becoming a trend.
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E-commerce on Mobile Devices

ecommerce on mobile devices
When creating their online stores, companies should perform market researches and realize that nowadays having mobile website is essential for their businesses. This way they will assure a great user experience and guarantee more visits.
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Mobile Commerce: Mobile Web vs. App

mobile shopper
In order to choose the best platform to adapt a business to mobile devices, marketers need to know how consumers behave when they are shopping on their mobile devices, whether it is through a mobile website or through an app, through a smartphone or through a tablet.
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