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mobile website advantages

Responsive website or mobile app

Native mobile app or responsive website? Which one should I choose? This question could be in your mind if you are planning a marketing mobile strategy. The first thing you have to think about is: which are your goals? These objectives will help you to decide for one or the other in case you can't afford both
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Advantages of E-commerce on Mobile

Mobile commerce gives your company a lot of advantages: more sales because users can now connect to your website using the devices they always carry with them - mobile phones and tablets, it allows widening your audience, it increases your website's visits and gives your consumers access to all your products and services.
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Create Your Mobile Website

mobile website dimensions
As mobile browsing grows, website are increasingly being adapted for mobile devices. Discover the advantages of mobile websites over traditional websites and the methods available to create them.
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What is a mobile website

mobile website onbile
Mobile internet emerges to take on the challenge of full operability and usability of the websites through any device with Internet access. This is one of the main goals pursued by the W3C. We could consider mobile internet as the concept of mobility and transparent access to content by the visitor. In addition, it is […]
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