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Monitoring Tools

Trends of mobile technology

trends of mobile technology
People nowadays want to do it all on the go. Nobody wants to be stuck in a place because certain devices aren't mobile. If they can do something on the go - they will definitely do it. That's why big companies develop devices like Google Glass, I'm Watch, Nike Fuel Band, Live View and others.
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Hootsuite Vs Seesmic: Pros&Cons

Let´s compare two similar but different tools to monitor your social networks. Hootsuite Pros: Has a very polished interface, is possible to make it look really beautiful. Does not waste our pc resources, because it is an online platform. Big flexibility, allows to custom the tool regarding to our needs or preferences adding, removing or […]
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Hootsuite for Blackberry

hootsuite BB
Hootsuite is a multiplatform clients to manage your social networks through a column system dashboard. Update your social media accounts and schedule your posts from your Blackberry, adapted to various version of the O.S Rim.
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