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The evolution of SEO

Check out the differences between old and new SEO, so you can be update and adapt your SEO strategy to the new Google's algorithms. Also we introduce you two of the trends that will help you on 2015.
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2014 SEO Trends

Every year we have new trends coming on SEO field, discover the trends of 2014. Would you think any of them will be old fashioned in 2015?
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Driving mobile traffic

drive mobile traffic
In order to increase mobile traffic you have to do several things: redirect all your desktop traffic coming in from mobile devices to your mobile optimized website, pick a name that is easily remembered, create brand awareness and include geolocation on your mobile website.
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Benefits of Social Networking

Social networking is a tool that every serious company must consider. It's free and it's powerful. In this internet era many people prefer communicating using networks rather than meeting in person. Real life is a challenge for many, whereas virtual life is much easier. Take advantage of this.
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Differences between Baidu and Google

baidu vs google
Sometimes we assume that lnternet is universal and that all tools are common to all countries. However, the cultures and customs do vary in this medium. Discover the key differences between the 2 most well-known search engines in the West and China: Google and Baidu.
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Boost your brand positioning your site

boost brand
Companies’ visibility and search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in the current marketing strategies. SEO strategies: keywords and valuable content All SEO strategies involve a conceptual shift in the creation or adaptation of websites and portals. The vast majority of the existing websites will be fully adapted to new forms […]
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