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Messaging apps for mobile devices

    More and more messaging apps are coming to the market every year and decide which one should we use, could be difficult because all of them seem to be similar. And now is not just about texting, we are looking for something extra in every new app, so companies are trying to offer more services in order to increase their amount of users.
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    Best apps 2013

    best apps 2013
      More and more apps appear every day on the market, but there is a certain of number of apps that dominate the market. Those are: Vine, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Flickr.
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      Mobile Usage Data

      mobile data_usage
        You should be aware of your mobile phone's data usage mostly because if you surpass the data rate your access speed is considerably reduced or you pay more for the additional consumed data. Here are some apps that will help you manage your mobile usage data.
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        Best Social Networking Websites

        best social networking sites
          Social networks were initially created in order for people to be able to contact friends or families, people we don't know, people we just met and they live other countries. Nowadays companies use social networks in order to give support to their customers and promote their products.
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          Mobile advertising for business

          mobile marketing
            The increase in the number of smartphone users is changing consumers’ habits and this has been associated with the development of mobile marketing via SMS and websites designed for mobile phones and application development. Bulk SMS sending Massive SMS sending is quick and easy. It offers lower prices than those offered by major mobile service […]
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