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Text Messaging Apps for iPhone

bulk sms app for iphone

      SMS marketing is an easy way to make your message reach your users anywhere. Let’s take a look a the bulk SMS applications available for iPhone.

      bulk sms app for iphone

      Reach your users anywhere with massive SMS sending

      Massive SMS sending allows companies to reach their customers anywhere they are. There was a time when this marketing technique was expensive as most major mobile service providers charge a high cost for SMS sending. Nowadays, massive SMS sending is affordable and fast, thanks to the numerous applications available at the Apple App Store that allow users to make it for low cost.

      Massive SMS Apps for Iphone

      Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts
      Groups allows mass SMS and e-mail sending with individually set To, Cc and Bcc selections. It uses a “drag & drop” interface that makes it easy to use and navigate. It includes “Smart Groups”, a feature that allows easy to use filter-creation.

      BulkSMS helps create and edit massive messages (up to 20,000 contacts in a single submission) fast and simple. Messages can be scheduled for later delivery, up to 1 year in advance.

      group sms
      Group SMS
      Group SMS will send the SMS using the built-in Messages app or for large groups (more than 50 contacts), you can use the SMS gateway of Group SMS instead, which allows sending Group SMS with less cost and with more control. You can import a large set of numbers via a .CSV file.

      mass text message
      Mass Text Message
      This app allows the creation of custom groups an efficient contact administration. ReadyText list saves messages for re-use. It applies standard text rates and/or data usage.

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