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The Best Blogs of the Mobile World

      The 2013 Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona from February the 25th to February the 28th. This is the biggest mobile event in the world so lots of blogs will be covering it. These are some of them:


      TechCrunch LogoProbably the best well-known blog on technology and the mobile industry, the website founded in 2005 and has an estimate revenue of 2.4 million dollars per year. TechCrunch has also a database of technological companies and start-ups called CrunchBase, which claims to have around 500,000 entries, profiling companies, people, funds, fundings and events.

      Boy Genius Report

      bgrThis website from San Antonio, Texas, covers all kind of news about mobiles the internet and technology as well as making reviews and covering any kind of leaks. It will give live coverage of three conferences in The MWC, both Sony’s and HTC’s press conferences on February the 26th and Nokia’s press conference on the 27th.

      Engadget Mobile

      engadgetEngadget, which was launched in 2004 covers reviews and news about consumer electronics,edge gadgets or mobile devices. They usually cover live events and they covered the 2012 Mobile World Congress so I decided to include them in this list.


      intomobileIntomobile specializes in news and reviews about the latest cell phones, mobile accessories and mobile apps. It’s safe to assume they’ll be covering the 2013 Mobile World Congress because they also did last year. Check out this link here.


      mobetia2This website from Barcelona, Spain, specializes in smartphone and mobile applications reviews and is important enough to have been chosen to be one of the 48 companies that will have space in the Catalan Pavilion for the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

      textThis mobile blog which defines itself as a blog with everything about texting, sms and mms is based in Pittsburgh, USA and does all kinds of reviews about cell phones and their use. It publishes news daily and is one of the most US blogs and interesting enough for you to consider.

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