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The evolution of SEO

      Everything on the Net is changing every year. Probably by the end of next year most of 2014 trends will be out of date, and this includes SEO. According to, Google’s algorithm changes around 500 and 600 times per year. It is impossible to monitor and adapt your strategy to all these changes but you should be aware of the one or two changes which are more important than the others like, Google Pigeon’s launch in August.

      In the infographic below we can see the differences between old and new SEO:


      image source: Hubspot

      While old SEO was focused on ranking, nowadays it is return of investment the most important. This is related to the idea of consumer engagement in web 3.0. The client is the centre of the strategy, not the company, that is why now it is all about UX when we talk about web design.

      Keywords are fundamental on SEO, but their usage has changed over the time. Before, companies were used to look for singular keywords, but today companies use more keywords focused on users’ needs and long tail searches.

      Another vantage of the new SEO is that now the content is created to provide real value for their audience. Before, contents were published just for search engine rankings. So they were created without paying attention to the quality or the relevance. And now, as we all know, content marketing is a key part on any online marketing strategy.


      To conclude the evolution of SEO and the comparison between the old and the new, here’s a piece of advice that will help you improve your ranking on search engines in 2015, no matter which one you’re implementing: If you want to improve your SEO next year, having an optimized version of your website will be mandatory. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to surf on the Net and purchase online. If your website is not adapted it won’t be useful for users and you will lose potential customers.

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