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The most popular mobile browsers

mobile brow

      A successful mobile browser quickly displays websites and optimizes the content for small screens. This is why the main aspect used in comparison analyses is websites’ loading time. Moreover, there are features like tabbed browsing, security, RSS feeds and voice interaction, which provide richer experience when using mobile devices.

      Internet browsers should have three main goals: simplicity, security and helping you make the most out of internet. Due to the little space that browsers use, you might even want to download more than one. Below, we talk about several criteria used to evaluate Internet browsers.


      There is a large list of browsers that support this mobile operating system. Below, we show some of them.

      skyfire 11-100x100
      Skyfire 2.0. This browser is characterized by the ability to display videos that use Flash, even on devices that do not support it. The program adapts the video through a conversion process to optimize it for mobile devices. It has a button to view websites in their PC versions.
      Dolphin HD. Tabbed browsing and the ability to add more than 40 features make this application a good alternative. It offers full-screen display and the ability to access our browsing history and markers just sliding your finger to the right.
      Fennec Firefox
      Fennec. It is the first attempt of the Firefox creators in the field of mobile technology. Its goal is to be able to synchronize mobile and desktop computers. You can add the websites you like as favorites and consult your browsing history.
      xScope. It’s one of the best browsers when talking about tabbed browsing, but only supports up to six tabs. In contrast, we can move between them quickly. It offers a Task Manager and a File Manager. One of its features is the finger zoom, where you must slide your fingers sideways in order to zoom in.
      textonly browser
      TextOnly Browser. TextOnly is the perfect browser if you don’t have much coverage or you have very weak 2G coverage or if you want to spend little bandwidth. TextOnly is a free application and although it is not very fast, it performs perfectly.
      miren browser
      Miren Browser We can not forget about this popular browser that presents some interesting features like a practical home screen (it gives you access to your favorite websites, downloads, RSS feeds,etc.), Flash support or tab control. The application is easy, intuitive and smooth.


      Apple’s operating system also has a considerable list of browsers.

      atomic web browser lite
      Atomic Web Browser. This application is also available for iPad. The two buttons at the bottom are very useful: one of them (with a number enclosed in a pair of squares) refers to the open tabs and allows you to display or remove the tab bar, the right button allows full screen display. It has a paid and a free version that offers fewer features.
      Aquari. This is the perfect app for the paranoid or for those who do not want someone to see their browsing history. It is protected with a four number password. You have to enter this password every time you want to use the browser. It’s free.
      duo mini browser
      iBrowse Duo Mini. This amazing application allows you to see two pages that are displayed one above the other at the same time. This application has a paid version.
      magic browser
      Magic Browser. With this browser you can save on your phone spreadsheets or text files, as well as other image formats. It is also possible to store websites and consult them later. It’s free.
      safari browser
      Safari. Safari is OS X’s exclusive web browser. It can not be installed on any other operating system. It’s only for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Macs and has a really powerful performance. The browsing is focused on the display of normal websites,without rendering or processing to fit the screen of your terminal.


      There are not many options for RIM mobile phones, but the two browsers we present are free and innovative. Moreover, BlackBerry operating system also supports the popular and powerful Opera browser.

      Bolt. This browser is not only for Blackberry. It is also supported by Android. Its main features are fast mobile browsing, easy switch between multiple websites with tabbed browsing and the possibility to browse any website with the best page rendering available. It is free.
      uZard. This option supports cross platform, it does not require high processing power and it is easy to customize and converge. It is supported by Android and Windows Phone too. It is free.

      Opera, the universal

      No other company has decided to invest so much effort into the internet segment, like Opera, which claims to have over 140 million users. Its main goal is to be available for almost all mobile platforms on the market, from the system S60 (Nokia) to phones based on Java technology (mid-range equipments), BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, without taking into account the computer version and the Nintendo DSi.

      The company offers two browsers for mobile devices: Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Opera Mini makes a rapid compression in Opera servers before displaying the information. The 11.5 version is the latest in this program. It’s used by iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, among other mobile platforms. Meanwhile, Opera Mobile is a full browser for laptops that do not make any intermediation (only for S60, Windows Mobile and Maemo).

      Opera has, among other features, unlimited tabbed browsing, a search field next to the address bar, a main page which gives quick access to the frequently visited websites, it allows to block pop-ups and dismiss all graphic details and any unnecessary website codes. Moreover, it gives the possibility to choose the resolution in which you want to see the images.

      TeaShark, the direct Opera contender

      TeaShark is the true, and recent direct contender of the Opera Mini, because it allows to install it on any terminal with Java support, is free and is full of features.

      TeaShark is based on WebKit 3, as well as the latest version of Safari (I mean Safari 3 for Mac and Windows), and integrates support for tabs, preview as miniatur, markers (labeled and color selection), RSS reader, zoom and landscape mode and normal one.

      We include a simulator of Opera mini in order to test its features.

      Top 9 mobile browsers last year

      Android beats Opera and becomes the most used mobile browser on February 2012. iPhone’s browser takes the third place, followed by Nokia and BlackBerry.

      mobile browsers 2012

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