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Tools to improve online sales

      Have you started to sell your products online but billings are less than expected? Companies know it well: you have to test if your marketing and star-performing strategies are working. This way, you will be able to increase your sales exponentially. Here you have 9 tools that will help you to improve to your bottom line and to boost your online sales.

      The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

      Google announced the launch of a new tool called “The customer Journey to Online Purchase” in order to allow marketers to predict the path followed by consumers until they buy a given product.

      This tool let advertisers select from 14 different channels, including Arts & Entertainment, Fitness & Beauty, or Law & Government. In addition, apart from selecting the different fields, advertisers can select the size of the business, small, medium or large to receive concrete data.

      The new release of Google also offers marketers data about the positions of every channel in the path to the purchase. Campaigns on the search have different impact depending on the phase in which they arrive to customers. So, at the beginning of the purchase process, they can help to increase the knowledge about products and services; halfway they create desire and heighten the interest; in the last phase of the path, they help to close the sale.



      LivePerson is a sales program that allows companies to connect to potential customers at the critical discovery stage. If customers spend more than a minute in your landing page, they will be able to chat with a live representative in real time. On the other hand, thanks to the LivePerson widget, you can foresee when a client may need assistance.

      Thanks to this software, you can control who is on your site, what content they are reading, which page they have consulted, from which source they arrived (SEO, SEM or referral), their time zone, browser, etc.


      It is the main platform to optimize websites. This tool allows visitors to convert free trial users into paying customers and serves to run simple A/B tests on the pages, which show users who visit your website (or app) two variants from the same page in order to measure the conversion ratio between both versions.


      Vocus is a marketing software on the cloud which helps to get client. It helps sellers to be well positioned through social networks and other online media. Vocus offers so many tools related to marketing media, marketing on search, e-mail marketing, effective PR, etc.

      Get satisfaction

      Get Satisfaction helps companies to manage incoming customer questions and to give customers a place to discuss the products of your brand around the clock. This tool is also a good solution for companies which want to engage with their user community by answering their questions rapidly.

      On the other hand, this app is also useful for sourcing and evaluating demand for customer-requested features. This software also helps with SEO, since conversions can improve search rankings.


      It is a platform used for the local, social and mobile localisation for companies and helps to generate news and attract local clients thorugh website, mobiles, social networks, newsletters and search.


      SEOmoz is a software that helps with SEO benchmarking and tracking and can be used to optimize your brand’s search engine presence. With this tools you can rank your pages, know which the keywords are and place your site at the first position.



      Zuora is a software company that designs and sales SaaS applications for companies with a subscription business model. These applications are designed to automatize the billing, commerce and business operations.  It allows businesses to segment their clients and set pricing plans.


      Its aim is increasing the participation between the user and the data conversion with intelligent programs used by sellers, in order to answer and understand their users in real time. It means a personalized experience for the user in terms of e-mail marketing.

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