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Tools to monitor your SEO campaigns

      People thinking SEO is dead are nothing new, in fact this opinion has been quite popular around the Net and even some experts agreed with it.

      Despite constantly changes on browsers, especially on Google’s the importance of SEO cannot be under estimated.  Furthermore companies should invest part of their marketing budget on developing a solid SEO and improve its algorithm frequently.

      Another fact that has influenced SEO strategies over the recent past is the proliferation of mobile devices. Optimized websites require a different SEO strategy than desktop ones.

      Once the strategy is planned it is crucial to monitor how it is going so changes and implementations can be done. There are so many tools available you can use, however we have selected three of them because they have special features that distinguish them from the rest on the market.

      Monitor Backlinks

      It is one of the most popular tools for those who want to rank high in Google. Every time you start a new SEO campaigns it is necessary to track your backlinks and this tool has been created to help you with this task.

      Every time your website attain new links Monitor Backlinks send you an automatic email alerts with all the backlinks you have gained. This is an easy way to be updated without working hard of all your new backlinks. Once you have compiled the information it is easier for your team to analyze which one is working better and driving more traffic to your website.

      So to keep it simply we can say that Monitor provides you automatization.


      Seo PowerSuite

      If the previous one was online Seo Power Suite is great if you are looking for an off line solution. You have the possibility to download it on your computer or laptop no matter it is Windows or Apple. Inside of Seo Power you can find 4 different tools that will help you with your strategy, so it is a quite complete tool to manage your campaigns and track the results.

      • Rank Tracker: can help you to find long-tail keywords and check yours in every major search engines.
      • SEO Spy Glass: provides you quality websites from where you can obtain backlinks.
      • Website Auditor Checks: helps you to index your content easier on search engines.
      • Link Assistant makes easier for you to track your campaign results


      Advanced Web Ranking

      This tool can be used even online or with the desktop version. And if you use both together you will be able to download rankings of keywords quickly. Advanced Web Ranking allows you to try it service for free one month but giving them your credit card details. You can track your site rank, monitor your competitors and track unlimited keywords. Also Advanced Web Ranking prepares reports you can download to see how your campaign is going.

      advanced web ranking

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