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Top telecom companies in China

      Three businesses which are run by the state dominate the Chinese telecommunications industry (the first three mentioned in this article (China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile). All three of them were formed after the Ministry of Information Industry directed a revolution in 2008.

      China Mobile Limited

      china mobile

      This company which used to be called China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited, is a mobile telecommunications and related services provider of different autonomous regions and municipalities throughout China by means of a completely contiguous digital mobile network. It also services thirty-one provinces.

      China Telecom

      china telecom

      As a provider of telecommunications and information services, China Telecom’s main business includes providing customers with local and international long-distance telephone. It has more than 216,000,000 subscribers for its telephone services and nearly 40,000,000 customers it provides with broadband internet acces.

      China Unicom

      china unicom

      Right now China Unicom provides Chinese municipalities, autonomous regions and up to 30 provinces with cellular business (GSM and CDMA), including long distance calls (both international and domestic), Internet data as well as other related services. Today the company totals some 372,000,000 subscribers (adding up both local telephone and broadband businesses).

      Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.


      This Taiwanese company is a telecommunication service provider that operates its business by means of fixed-line communication services, which include urban and long distance telephone as well as ISDN (integrated service digital network) IN (intelligent network) MOD (multimedia on demand) and domestic circuit leasing services.

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