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Top telecom companies in Russia

      As one of the first countries introducing radio and TV, and because of its vast territory, Russia is the leading country when it comes to the number of repeaters and TV broadcast stations. Broadcasting used to be controlled but since its liberalisation in 1990, more and more companies have been licensed to offer communication services, with the total being more than 1,000 today. Here are some of the top Russian telecommunications companies:



      With more than 100,000,000 subscribers, Mobile TelsSystems is Russia’s largest mobile operator as well as the largest in Eastern and Central Europe. It provides mobile network not only to Russia, but also to other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Its network operates by using GSM standard and right now it holds licenses so that it can provide mobile services to all but two Russian regions. Marketing MTS-branded mobile handsets since 2009, MTS soon became one of the best selling handset brands in Russia with LG, Samsung, SonyEricsson and Nokia.
      MTS is also a big player in the internet and cable TV sector due to its acquisition of more than half of vthe stock of Comstar in 2010.



      Beeline is a brand of telecommunications in Russia by OJSC Vimpelcom, Russia’s number three when it comes to wireless operators, and number two on the telecom operators list. Headquartered in Moscow, at the same time, OJSC Vimpelcom is a subsidiary of Amsterdam-based VimpelCom.
      It offers everything from mobile phones retailing, mobile telephony, broadband Internet, international telephony, city-wide Wi-Fi, IPTV, domain registrar and others.



      Megafon (known as North-West GSM since 2002) and one of the greatest telecommunications companies in Russia, is mobile phone operator number two in Russia and telecom operator number four in Russia. Working in GSM and UMTS standard its one of VimpelCom and MTS’ main competitors. Although it’s headquartered in Moscow, Megafon has 62,100,000 subscribers in Russia and 1,600,000 in Tajikistan, Abkhazia and Osetia.


      Rostelecom logo

      Rostelecom is Russia’s leading long-distance telephony provider. Domestic long distance service provides about 50% of the company’s revenue, and international long distance calls provide about 25%. The company provides traditional fixed-line voice, mobile, data, TV and value-added services to residential, corporate and governmental subscribers. The Company continued to expand its broadband and IPTV subscriber bases during the first quarter of 2014, and we were also able to increase both revenue and profit while reducing our debt burden.

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