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Web design and Conversions

      Conversion is the term used to define a sale on your website. But conversion doesn’t only mean this; it is referred to the final goal that you have for your site. Not all the web pages have the sale of a product as an objective, since there can be budget requests, registration and procurement of new users, etc.

      The big error made by the majority of people with their ecommerce is believing that the more traffic obtained, the more sales are generated. But it is more important to optimize your website to ensure consumer trust and increase the sale conversion.

      Increase conversion rates

      1Action buttons

      Action buttons must stand out in your website, so they must have another colour different from the one of your website. But you must take into account which one you have to use, since red colour is associated to “danger” or “error”.

      On the other hand, sometimes people don’t pay attention to call to action designs, like “click here” or “register me”, but they are important, since the percentage of clicks can increase. There is a tool which can help you to check it out: Dabuttonfactory.

       2Attractive titles

      Users don’t stop to visualize all the content, since they read it briefly. That’s why the title of the article or the product must be appealing and arouse interest on them. If they don’t like the title, they will visit another website.

       3. Check which image is the best

      Graphic elements have a specific importance, so if you always use the same images, people can get tired of visualizing the same content. Thus, carrying out a test to prove that your rate has increased would be a good option; a tool like Google website optimizer could help you to verify it.

       4Add testimonies

      Including users’ positive testimonies about their experiences on your website can prevent other clients not trusting it. They can be reluctant to share their personal bank data, but reading that other clients did the same and the transaction was optimal, the possibility of a purchase will increase. In addition, if your website has appeared on TV, you must also write about it, since reliance will improve.

       5. Explain to the world who you are

      People want to know what the goal of your website is. So, including an “about us” page will help you to increase the number of sales, since uploading photos of your team and company creates reliance among clients.


      6. Choose a good slogan

      People will identify you depending on the slogan chosen for your website. Be creative and original.

       7. The customer is always right

      You must offer a guarantee when selling your products. Include phrases like: “If you’re not satisfied, we are happy to provide a full refund” or “Guarantee 30 day money back”. You must take into account that the quantity of people who return the product is minimal, so these policies will help people to decide about purchasing a product or not. In addition, you must clarify what are your Refund Policy and different payment methods.

      8. Facilitate the contact with your company

      Your e-mail address and telephone must be well visible to show clients your company is willing to help them. Including a map with your brick and mortar shop will be also a good option

      Web analytic tools

       1 –  Google Analytics

      Google Analytics is the most famous tool to analyze the statistics of your website. It is free software that includes plugins, tweaks and third-party apps for almost every platform, so its integration is really easy.

      2 – Mint

      Mint is an alternative to Google Analytics. It requires a server to be hosted and offers results in real time. You must pay $30 for each website and it includes plugins for WordPress and an application for mobiles.

       3 – Woopra

      Woopra was created by iFusion Labs, LLC. and also offers results in real time. It is freely available and has plugins for WordPress and an application for mobile devices.

      4 – Piwik

      Piwik is an open source web analytic application that must be hosted on your own server. It offers results in real time, an application for iPhone and Android and is available in 30 languages.

       5 – GoingUP!

      GoingUP! manages the web analytic combining SEO tools. It has interest characteristics as heat maps and monitoring of links to your website, among others. The software is free, but there is not application for mobile and the results are not in real time.

      6 – Clicky

      Clicky includes results in real time, several plugins, and applications for mobiles and widgets for websites, among others. It includes a plugin WordPress and an application for mobiles.

      7 – Chartbeat

      Chartbeat also offers results in real time. You can use it for free during 30 days, and then you will have to pay $9.95 each month. It includes a plugin for WordPress and an application for mobiles.

      8 – KiSSmetrics

      KiSSmetrics is a web analytics tool which is focused on the conversions of your website, what section must be improved or created, etc. It is free, it doesn’t offer results in real time, but it has a plugin for WordPress.


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