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Website design trends for 2015

      There are Fashion Weeks twice a year where designers show what we are going to wear next season. Something similar happens on web design. During the third and the last trimester of the year some of the most influent blogs analyze what has been happening on web design during the year and the new tendencies web trendsetters are putting in practice.

      On 2014 some trends have started to rise and the next year they are expected to consolidate, while others have been increasing its presence on the Net these previous years.


      So if you are going to redesign your website or planning of develop one for the first time, we recommend you to read carefully about the following trends and choose any of them for your new design. But be careful about the one you choose because some of them can be old fashioned quickly.


      It is one of the preferred by designers, this is why we can consider it as a timeless trend and even a norm on design in general. Its origin was Mies Van der Rohen aphorism “Less is more”.

      One of its advantages is the possibility to offer a clean design that will never be out of date. Using white and adding touches of flashing colours or some creative elements like images with movement, web designers can create amazing results. However it’s important to test the web’s usability before publishing because sometimes necessary elements for an optimal navigation experience can be erased.

      website minimal

      Video engagement

      It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content is more engaging than text. Videos are viral and great for mobile users. We are living a revolution of mobile marketing right now. According to Youtube more than 1 billion unique users visit the platform every month and 40% of them are mobile users. If you put a video on your home page you will draw people’s attention and interest them.



      As mobile devices usage is growing the need for mobile-friendly websites has become essential. What makes this trend so amazing is the fact that layout and content displayed changes depending on the device you are using to watch it. For example you can hide some elements in mobile version of your website like coporate information so you can help mobile users to find what they are looking for easier. Even images and text are always perfectly seen and adapted to the screen. According to a recent research just 11% of Alexa Top 100 websites still using fixed width. The rest of them have change their design to a responsive one.



      Parallax scrolling is another trend that is rising during this year. Its advantage is the possibility of enjoying all the page content without clicking on page links. This technique has been used also on some social media platforms like Pinterest since a lot of content is published in a short period of time and thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices with touching screen. Also scrolling enhance web designer’s creativity but on the other hand you can’t skip any page or part of the content and there are possibilities of website crashing  on olfer devices.


      Flat design

      Related with Minimal design, Flat trend started on 2013 and since then is becoming more and more popular. It is characterized by using geometric forms, plane colors and flashy icons to catch users attention. Some people even think that Microsoft get the inspiration for its Windows 8 from this trend. Also this kind of web design it is considered as unobtrusive so it helps to increase conversions.


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