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What is Creative Commons?

      All of we know what Internet is and the large quantity of information hosted in it. However, how can we deal with the property and legal use of these resources? There are several tools that can help us with this, such as Creative Commons.


      Creative Commons: the most effective way of sharing


      Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organisation which has been facilitating the management and acquisition of free online resources via standardized tools, known as Creative Commons Licenses, since 2001.

      The philosophy of this organisation is inviting as many people as possible to share their contents online and eliminating the barriers they might meet with along the way, such as the theft or the improper use of those contents. These licenses are very suitable for those who don’t want to possess all copyrights of their contents and give some of them to others or want to download free content.

      What are Creative Commons Licences?

      Creative Common Licences are a legal model containing a set of conditions and terms of use developed by this organisation. The user will be able to link a file to one of these licences and, thus, specify the type of authorised use of this content to the rest of users.

      Among the existing licences, the most used are the ones shown in the following table:


      Click here for further information about these licences. If you don’t know which licence is the most suitable for you, we suggest you to try this easy tool.

      In the previous table, you observed “Public Domain”. It is not a licence, since it hasn’t any restriction, but you could frequently see documents with these characteristics. The owner of this content give off the rights and it can be accessible for everyone.

      Advantages of using Creative Commons

      Among many others, the main advantages are:

      • Facility to assign and manage pre-established legal models to contents.
      • Users can understand correctly and easily these conditions, since every licence is developed with an easy language and illustrated with icons.
      • You could transfer the rights of use of your files to avoid possible thefts or improper uses.
      • You will be contributing to create a community with a larger quantity of contents and free ideas, which can be improvable by others.
      • Conversely, if you are looking for free content, these licences will help you to make safer and more effective searches, avoiding problems or misunderstandings with the owners of the files.
      • It is an aware and professional way to share content on the net without losing recognition.


      So, be sure about the type of licence before downloading and using any free content. It may not be a Creative Common licence, but it might have one. This will facilitate the work of all of us and will help insure that the Internet is fairer space.


      For further information, visit this page.


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