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Wireless Charging: A New Trend in Mobile Technology

      Mobile phones are always evolving. Since they first appeared in the 1940s for military purposes mobile phone evolution has been one of the most visible examples of the fast changes in society.

      At first mobile phones were huge devices with even larger batteries and hardly no autonomy. We then saw them get smaller and smaller and become more autonomous, and then larger and larger again as smartphones appeared with all of their new modern features.

      lumia wireless chargingToday, autonomy is hardly a problem, and some smartphones even allow for twenty hours of talk time without charging. That’s how far we’ve gone in just seventy-five years (a gasp if you think of our human history). But some of us are asking ourselves: When will they innovate in chargers? When will we be able to stop packing three chargers when we go on a trip (one for laptop, one for camera and one for smartphone)?

      Well, you still have to pack some chargers with you, but you can already buy smartphones that charge wirelessly. The Nokia Lumia 920 charges this way, and both LG and HTC will also be launching smartphones with this kind of charger.

      What they do is transfer energy between two objects (charger and smartphone) by means of an electromagnetic field. They use something called an inductive coupling to send energy to an electrical device which will use that energy to function.

      Check out this video to see an example:

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