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Zeendo obtains Gold Certificate to work with Parallels Automation

      Zeendo obtained the Gold Certificate from APS Standard to provide cloud solutions with Parallels Automation thanks to Softcloudit collaboration.


      Parallels, is an international leading virtualization and automation software provider. Founded in 1999, it has now more than 900 employees and operates in many countries across the globe, including the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Japan, China, Russia, Australia and Ukraine.

      Parallels’ software is based on Intel Core’s virtualization technology, which allows the virtual machine to access directly the host computer’s processor, functioning like a real computer with its own processor, RAM, floppy, CD drives, hard drive and tools.

      Among the products that Parallels offers are desktop software, apps, server software and automation software.

      Among the automation software, we can find Parallels Plesk Control Panel, which provides a web-based interface with which a server administrator can set up new websites, email accounts and DNS entries; Parallels Operation Automation, a solution/platform for hosting providers to automate provisioning of new subscriptions to the hardware; and Parallels Business Automation, which is an enterprise billing platform, usually employed in combination with POA to manage and automate billing for the services provided through Parallels.

      Now, this is all very well, but how does one work with Parallels Automation? This is where SofCloudIT comes into play. This company takes care of the deployment, installation and configuration of Parallels Automation for telecom companies, hosting companies and distributors. SofCloudIT implements Parallels Automation in companies working in these lines of business and who are looking to incorporate their own Software as a Service market.


      Thanks to SofCloudIT, one of the most specialized teams in the development and deployment of cloud tools for Parallels, Zeendo has been awarded by APSstandard with a Gold Certificate. APSstandard is one of the most important cloud catalogs in the market, listing applications that can be integrated into Parallels platforms. These applications get a full automation of the sales process and the customer management, and are used by the main telecommunication operators and cloud solutions providers.

      This certificate, internationally recognized by Parallels ecosystem, will allow Zeendo to provide its services to telcos in a much more effective way, enabling a seamless integration with them and accelerating the actual launch.

      Parallels gold certificate

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