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Zeendo is the new way to create just one website for all devices

A new tool has been born to help every user on the Internet without programming knowledge build their website with Responsive Web Design technology. This means one single website optimized for all devices like desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Zeendo represents the easiest way to create your website and the best design on responsive templates thanks to a smart programming code which adapts elements to different screen resolutions. The best design, intuitive and fluid management of the editor gives awesome professional results.

We’re aware that users tend to go online from their mobile devices every day. So not having an adapted website means not being online. This opens a whole new range of possibilities, both for users who can create websites easily with DIY tools, and for professionals, who can develop theirs more comfortably and quickly.

What’s new?

  • A drag & drop system to define the elements of your website, allowing real-time, complete website control directly from the browser.
  • Cloud computing system to edit your website wherever you are, save your changes and publish it any time.
  • Hosting included. Affordable prices that include the hosting, so that you don’t have to worry about any details.
  • Own domains. Import the domain you already have or purchase a new one without leaving the platform.
  • Awesome designs. Templates adapted to all job categories and personal branding enabled, with customizable CSS.

Why do you need a responsive web design?

  • To reach all kinds of mobile devices
  • To increase your visibility on search engines
  • To increase your sales and conversion rates
  • To save time and money on mobile development and site management
  • To consolidate your analytics and reporting

Who are we?

Zeendo was born from two ideas that define the project’s personality, “See & Do”, that make reference to the simplicity and usability of the editor. Dynamism, flexibility and adaptability are concepts that define our way of conceiving the Net as a global communication support.

The stylish templates and the care for details make its design appealing and with an image that is both fresh and modern, and from which you can get a sense of what lies underneath: the state-of-the-art technology in web development that is responsive web design.

Zeendo is a growing company with 20 employees so far. Headquartered in Spain and the US (SF, sales office), we already have agreements with big telecom companies and ISPs from all over the world for a white label version of our editor.

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