Frequently Asked Questions

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Hosting FAQs

  • What does Zeendo's hosting consist of?

    All websites created with Zeendo are hosted on our servers automatically. The maximum storage space allowed per website is 1Gb. It is not allowed to host external websites.

  • Is it possible to host my websites on my own servers?

    No. Zeendo is a cloud tool that allows to create your website from everywhere with internet access. Because of security reasons websites created using our platform are hosted in our servers to guarantee a reliable and safe environment for all users.

  • How many sites can I create and host with Zeendo?

    You can create as many websites as you want. You'll have one month of free trial for each template that you select, but after that you'll have to select the plan that best fits your needs (Basic, Professional or Ecommerce) and the payment modality that you prefer (monthly or yearly).

  • Can I use my own domain?

    Sure! Just change your primary DNS to and your secondary DNS to and your domain will be ready to be used with Zeendo. Check it out at the Domains section of your user area.

  • Can I purchase a new domain directly from Zeendo’s platform?

    Yes, you can register a domain name from the generic types available: .com, .net, .org, .name, .info. Remember that there's a domain included when you subscribe to a Professional or Ecommerce plan yearly. For the plan Basic, you'll be able to buy a domain independently if you want one.

  • Does Zeendo offer a mailbox service?

    Yes, Zeendo offers mailbox service for each domain associated to a website created with Zeendo. You just have to associate a domain (purchased on our platform or imported) to a website created with any of Zeendo's plans (Basic, Professional or Ecommerce).

  • How many email accounts can I have?

    You'll have up to 5 email accounts available when you associate the domain to a website created with Zeendo. All the email accounts have a storage capacity of 1Gb per account.