Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing FAQs

  • What is the price for each plan?

    The plan-basic costs 5€/month, but it's 48€ if you pay annually.
    The plan-professional costs 10€/month, but it's 108€ if you pay annually.
    The plan-ecommerce costs 15€/month, but it's 168€ if you pay annually.

    All prices are before taxes.

  • How much is it to register a new domain?

    The cost for a domain (.org, .com, .info, .name, .net) is 11.99€/year (applicable taxes not included).

  • What is included on each plan?

    The plan Basic includes: one website for the period selected (monthly or yearly) with 7 content pages and hosting.
    The plan Professional includes: one website for the period selected (monthly or yearly) with unlimited content pages, hosting, a domain (.com, .org, .info, .name, .net) and 5 email accounts (1GB/account).
    The plan Ecommerce includes: one website for the period selected (monthly or yearly) with unlimited content pages, hosting, a domain (.com, .org, .info, .name, .net), 5 email accounts (1GB/account) and an ecommerce module (online shop).

  • Is it possible to change plans?

    You can upgrade your plan paying the difference between prices (the difference is based on the prices shown at Zeendo's website). It's not possible to downgrade your plan.

  • Do I get a better price if I subscribe my website yearly?

    Sure! Not only you’ll save money, but you will also forget about renewals for an entire year!

  • If I subscribe to a monthly plan, when should I renew it?

    We will notify you when your website is about to expire, so that you can renew it. If you prefer to avoid renewals, go directly to the yearly plan or select Automatic Renewal.

  • Are the 30 days of the 30-day free trial period included in the year of the yearly plan?

    No, the 30-day free trial period is independent from the yearly license. You can enjoy your trial period during 30 days (extendable up to 60 days if you share Zeendo on Twitter and Facebook), but note that your free trial will end the moment you purchase a license.

  • Do I need to upgrade my plan once the free trial finishes?

    If you’ve enjoyed your experience and want to keep using the editor and maintain your website alive, you will have to upgrade your plan by purchasing the professional license. Otherwise, your trial website will be automatically unpublished.

  • How do I cancel the service?

    You can cancel the service at any time. Just send us an email via our ticket support system stating the reason why you’ve decided to go and we will remove all your data from your account. However, note that if you go before your license has expired, the period you subscribed will still be paid for, as we don’t do refunds.

  • Which methods of payment are available?

    There are two payment methods available: credit card or PayPal. If you choose to pay by credit card, please make sure that it is VISA or Mastercard, and that it was issued in the same country from where you are making the purchase. For example, if you are paying from the US and the credit card you are using was originally issued somewhere else, our virtual payment system will not accept the operation as it will be registered as fraud.

  • What currencies are accepted?

    You can make your payments in American dollars (USD) or in euros (EUR). Our payment system does not accept any other currency.