Best Comedy Movies to Cheer Your Mood Up in Pandemic

October 17, 2020 at 7:23 am 0 comments

Pressure Cooker is a south Indian Telugu film directed by SujoiKarampuri and SushilKarampuri. It’s a comedy movie that bursts the laughs out of anyone and perfect medicine to cheer you up in this pandemic. Its a perfect representation of conventional south Indian beliefs of sending children abroad for a financially stable and respectable position ignoring what they lose are the delightful moments with their loved ones. It’s a Touching, Feel good and a must watch film who is focused on goal-oriented life.There are many lots of comedy movies on aha platform.


RUNTIME: 2 hr 15 mins

RELEASED: 21 February 2020

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

ACTORS: Sai Ronak

ACTRESS: PreethiAsrani

OTHER ACTORS: Rahul Ramakrishna

DIRECTOR :SujoiKarampuri, SushilKarampuri

PRODUCER: SujoiKarampuri, SushilKarampuri, AppiReddy

MUSIC DIRECTOR : Sunil Kashyap, Rahul Sipligunj

CINEMATOGRAPHY: NageshBanell, AnithMadadi

Best Comedy Movies to Cheer Your Mood Up in Pandemic


Hero Kishore comes to city Hyderabad intending to go to the United States of America for a settlement. He stays with his friends for the time being and tries a lot to get the visa but all his efforts get drained. Meanwhile, he gets close to a girl next door and falls in love with her. Her goals are quite opposite to his as she cannot go to the USA with him. Disappointment hits him hard and he loses his mind thinking all the bad things happen to him. Then he slowly starts to get back to a right state of mind and realizes that it is not his goal to go to the USA but the stereotypic mindset of his father made him into believing that going to the USA is the only standardized way of living his life. He then gets his visa approved after all the struggle and a bunch of declines, going to the USA has become a tough choice to choose. What will he choose when it comes to a moment where he has to choose between a better financially stable life without family from having to live with the people whom he loves.


– Sai Ronak acting was upto the point where people can relate it to their real life.

– His dialogue delivery and conversations with Rahul Ramakrishna are on point.

– Rahul Ramakrishna as his friend took the major role in the humour part of the film.

– PreethiAsrani’s looks and acting are absolutely beautiful.


– Script work of the film is so clean and satisfying for a viewer.

– Screenplay is good.

– Music played a major role in this film and songs have become a big hit.

– BGM in the film is in sync with the screenplay that is emotionally satisfying.


It is a common cliche among south Indian families to send their children abroad for further studies or for a settlement. This film is the perfect reply to those parents who lose their children to their misbeliefs and stereotypes. “PRESSURE COOKER” The title is the perfect metaphor for what and how they feel inside their minds when parents force rubs their pointless goals on their children. Watch Pressure Cooker movie online exclusively on Aha.