How To Hang A Flat Screen Tv From The Ceiling

You’ll should use a ceiling mount if your home needs wall space or if you want a TV to hang in the centre of a room away from the walls. This can be ordered at most major stores, but to make sure that the mount is consistent with your TV, you can review the package requirements. You’ll soon be watching a ceiling mounted TV with a few instruments, a little effort, and an additional pair of hands to help you hang the TV. You will also learn how far from ceiling to hang tv and how to make a tv pole to hang from ceiling.

Step 1: Attaching the TV Mounting Brackets

Gather materials for you: It is possible to buy much of the parts and supplies for this project at a major retailer or a nearby hardware store. Most TV mounts come with extra supplies, such as fasteners, washers, and Allen wrenches, so before you go shopping, look for a list of included components. You’re going to need:

  • a ceiling TV mount
  • a drill (and drill bits)
  • fasteners (like screws)
  • a ladder
  • a screwdriver
  • a socket wrench
  • a stud finder
  • a TV

Inspect the mounting slots on the back of the TV: On the rear of the TV, check the mounting holes. For the mounting slots on the rear, each model of TV would have a different placement. You’ll see these set in a square or rectangular pattern in most cases. For the mounting screws, mounting slots typically have a recessed area of threading .

Installing tv wall mount

There could be a couple of slots on the back of your TV. Look up this data in the TV instructional manual if you have trouble telling which ones are for connecting the mount. In general, for installing tv on wall mount may require you to get a help from a professional service.

Attach the mounting brackets to the back of the TV: Long, metal parts with screw holes are mostly TV mounting brackets. Place the brackets so that the screw holes fit at the rear of the TV with the mounting slots. To connect both braces, use the fasteners that come with the wall mount.

It will depend on the type of mount you are using, so before using it to connect the bracket to the TV, you will need to place a washer and/or a spacer on the screw in most instances.

For its multiple part elements, most ceiling mounts would have different sized fasteners. To decide which fastener to use, use the mount’s directions.

Step 2: Verify the TV mounting brackets are firmly attached

Using your palms to feel the brackets until the screws are in and the brackets are connected. With no loose wiggling or holes, both should be tightly anchored to the TV. Squeeze the TV mounting screws as appropriate .

When tightening the mounting screws, be thorough. Over time, loose screws or improperly fastened ones will cause your TV to break free from its frame.

To provide extra protection, some mounts use lightweight metal poles at the top and/or bottom of the brackets. Your mount might even have a section between the brackets that is fastened. The middle section is also built to assist or cause the TV to tilt or rotate .

Only mounting brackets at the rear of the TV can be required on basic mounts. Skip this stage and go on to fastening the ceiling mounting plate if this is the case for your instal.

When mounted, it is important to connect all the pieces of the mount securely. In your palm, give the pieces a light shake. You are able to move on if it feels solid and well fastened.

Installing tv wall mount

Step 3: Locate studs in your ceiling

Set up the ladder below where the TV will be mounted. Grab the stud finder and crawl up the ladder before the roof can be reached. Pass it back and forth until you find studs with your stud finder on. Use a pencil to mark the position of the studs .

It may be unsafe to fail to instal the ceiling mount on studs. It could pull free of the ceiling without studs supporting the mount and cause harm or damage to your TV or house.

There are other ways to search for studs if you do not have a stud finder, like a quick knock test or probing for studs with a screw.

Prior to scaling it, check the safety of your ladder. If the ladder is a little shaky, have someone carry it for you.

Outline the placement of the ceiling mount in pencil: At the place you intend on building it, keep the ceiling mount up to the ceiling. For the studs that you found and labelled earlier, line up the wall mounting holes. Gently outline it in pencil while the mount is in place.

To screw the ceiling mounting plate into the ceiling studs, use your drill. It might be appropriate to connect those mounts with bolts, in which case you may need to use a socket wrench. Tighten the plate securely on the ceiling into place .

It can be hard to fasten bolts into wood. You can make things easier for yourself if you’re having trouble by digging a small pilot hole beforehand.

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